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We've spent considerable time and effort to testing all of our compatible cartridges for your brother printer. Making 100% sure is our priority.

               <All of our cartridge comes with...>
90 days money back guarantee or 12 month warranty
- Master package w/ extra protection for any shipment.
Same day shipping orders before 6 pm. (EST)



DCP Series
    DCP-110C     DCP-120C     DCP-130C     DCP-165C
    DCP-330C     DCP-350C     DCP-375CW     DCP-385C
    DCP-385CW     DCP-395CN     DCP-585CW     DCP-1000
    DCP-1200     DCP-1400     DCP-7020     DCP-7030
    DCP-7040     DCP-7060D     DCP-7065DN     DCP-8020
    DCP-8025D     DCP-8025DN     DCP-8040     DCP-8040D
    DCP-8045D     DCP-8060     DCP-8065     DCP-8065DN
    DCP-8080DN     DCP-8085DN     DCP-8110DN     DCP-8150DN
    DCP-8155DN     DCP-9040CN     DCP-9045CDN     DCP-J125
    DCP-J140W     DCP-L2520DW     DCP-L2540DW     DCP-L5500DN
    DCP-L5600DN     DCP-L5650DN
Fax Printer Series
    Fax-560     Fax-575     Fax-580 MC     Fax-770
    Fax-870 MC     Fax-917     Fax-920 Z     Fax-921
    Fax-930     Fax-931     Fax-940 E-mail     Fax-1000P
    Fax-1010 Plus     Fax-1020e     Fax-1020P     Fax-1030 Plus
    Fax-1030e     Fax-1030P     Fax-1150P     Fax-1200P
    Fax-1700P     Fax-8000P     Fax-8050P     Fax-8060P
    Fax-8070P     Fax-8200P     Fax-8250P     Fax-8350P
    Fax-8360P     Fax-8650P     Fax-8750P
HL Series
    HL-700     HL-720     HL-730 DX     HL-730 Plus
    HL-760     HL-760 Plus     HL-820     HL-1040
    HL-1050     HL-1060     HL-1070     HL-1240
    HL-1250     HL-1270N     HL-1440     HL-1450
    HL-1470N     HL-1650     HL-1650N     HL-1650N +
    HL-1670N     HL-1850     HL-1870N     HL-2040
    HL-2070N     HL-2140     HL-2170W     HL-2220
    HL-2230     HL-2240     HL-2240D     HL-2270DW
    HL-2275DW     HL-2280DW     HL-2700CN     HL-3040CN
    HL-3070CW     HL-3140CW     HL-3170CDW     HL-4040CN
    HL-4070CDW     HL-4200CN     HL-4150CDN     HL-4570CDW
    HL-4570CDWT     HL-5040     HL-5050     HL-5050LT
    HL-5070N     HL-5100     HL-5130     HL-5140
    HL-5150D     HL-5150DLT     HL-5170DN     HL-5170DNLT
    HL-5240     HL-5250     HL-5250DN     HL-5250DNT
    HL-5280     HL-5280DW     HL-5340D     HL-5370DW
    HL-5370DWT     HL-5440D     HL-5450DN     HL-5470DW
    HL-5470DWT     HL-6050     HL-6050D     HL-6050DN
    HL-6050DW     HL-6050N     HL-6180DW     HL-6180DWT
    HL-7050     HL-7050N     HL-L8250CDN     HL-L8350CDW
    HL-L8350CDWT     HL-L2340DW     HL-L2320D     HL-L2360DW
    HL-L2380DW     HL-L5000D     HL-L5100DN     HL-L5200DW
    HL-L5200DWT     HL-L6200DW     HL-L6200DWT     HL-L6250DW
    HL-L6300DW     HL-L6400DW     HL-L6400DWT
Intellifax Series
    Intellifax 560     Intellifax 565     Intellifax 580 MC     Intellifax 750
    Intellifax 770     Intellifax 775     Intellifax 870 MC     Intellifax 885 MC
    Intellifax 900     Intellifax 950 M     Intellifax 980 M     Intellifax 1150
    Intellifax 1170     Intellifax 1250     Intellifax 1270     Intellifax 1270 E
    Intellifax 1350 M     Intellifax 1360     Intellifax 1450 MC     Intellifax 1500 M
    Intellifax 1550 MC     Intellifax 1570 MC     Intellifax 1575 MC     Intellifax 1820C
    Intellifax 1840C     Intellifax 1860C     Intellifax 1920C     Intellifax 1940CN
    Intellifax 1960C     Intellifax 2440C     Intellifax 2480C     Intellifax 2550 ML
    Intellifax 2580C     Intellifax 2600     Intellifax 2750     Intellifax 2800
    Intellifax 2820     Intellifax 2900     Intellifax 2910     Intellifax 2920
    Intellifax 3550     Intellifax 3650     Intellifax 3750     Intellifax 3800
    Intellifax 4100     Intellifax 4750     Intellifax 4750e     Intellifax 5750
    Intellifax 5750e
MFC Series
    MFC-210C     MFC-230C     MFC-240C     MFC-250C
    MFC-255CW     MFC-290C     MFC-295CN     MFC-410CN
    MFC-420CN     MFC-440CN     MFC-465CN     MFC-490CW
    MFC-495CW     MFC-620CN     MFC-640CW     MFC-660 MC
    MFC-665CW     MFC-685CW     MFC-790CW     MFC-795CW
    MFC-820CW     MFC-845CW     MFC-885CW     MFC-970 MC
    MFC-990CW     MFC-1025     MFC-1650     MFC-1750
    MFC-1770     MFC-1780     MFC-1850 MC     MFC-1870 MC
    MFC-1950 MC     MFC-1950 Plus     MFC-1970 MC     MFC-3220C
    MFC-3240C     MFC-3320 C     MFC-3320CN     MFC-3340CN
    MFC-3360C     MFC-3420C     MFC-3820C     MFC-3820CN
    MFC-4300     MFC-4350     MFC-4450     MFC-4550
    MFC-4550 Plus     MFC-4600     MFC-4650     MFC-4800
    MFC-5440CN     MFC-5460CN     MFC-5490CN     MFC-5840CN
    MFC-5860CN     MFC-5890CN     MFC-5895CW     MFC-6490CW
    MFC-6550 MC     MFC-6800     MFC-6890CDW     MFC-7220
    MFC-7225N     MFC-7340     MFC-7345N     MFC-7360N
    MFC-7420     MFC-7440N     MFC-7460DN     MFC-7550 MC
    MFC-7650 MC     MFC-7750     MFC-7820N     MFC-7840W
    MFC-7860DW     MFC-8220     MFC-8300     MFC-8420
    MFC-8440     MFC-8460N     MFC-8480DN     MFC-8500
    MFC-8510DW     MFC-8600     MFC-8640D     MFC-8660DN
    MFC-8670DN     MFC-8700     MFC-8710DW     MFC-8820D
    MFC-8820DN     MFC-8840D     MFC-8840DN     MFC-8860N
    MFC-8860DN     MFC-8870DW     MFC-8870WN     MFC-8890DW
    MFC-8910DW     MFC-8950DTW     MFC-8950DW     MFC-9010CN
    MFC-9050     MFC-9060     MFC-9120CN     MFC-9130CW
    MFC-9320CW     MFC-9330CDW     MFC-9340CDW     MFC-9420CN
    MFC-9440CN     MFC-9450CDN     MFC-9460CDN     MFC-9500
    MFC-9560CDW     MFC-9600     MFC-9650     MFC-9660
    MFC-9660N     MFC-9700     MFC-9750     MFC-9760
    MFC-9800     MFC-9840CDW     MFC-9850     MFC-9860
    MFC-9870     MFC-9880     MFC-9880N     MFC-9970CDW
    MFC-J220     MFC-J245     MFC-J265W     MFC-J270W
    MFC-J285DW     MFC-J410W     MFC-J415W     MFC-J450DW
    MFC-J470DW     MFC-J475DW     MFC-J5910DW     MFC-J615W
    MFC-J630W     MFC-J650DW     MFC-J870DW     MFC-J875DW
    MFC-J4310DW     MFC-J4410DW     MFC-J4510DW     MFC-J4610DW
    MFC-J4710DW     MFC-J6920DW     MFC-J6510DW     MFC-J6710DW
    MFC-J6910DW     MFC-L2700DW     MFC-L2720DW     MFC-L2740DW
    MFC-L5700DW     MFC-L5800DW     MFC-L5850DW     MFC-L5900DW
    MFC-L6700DW     MFC-L6750DW     MFC-L6800DW     MFC-L6900DW
    MFC-L8600CDW     MFC-L8850CDW     MFC-P2000     MFC-J4320DW
    MFC-J4420DW     MFC-J4620DW     MFC-J480DW     MFC-J5620DW

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